Accordion Hub @AiR Mijakovici Bosna i Hercegovina

July 30, 2024
Mijakovici, Bobovac BiH
AiR Zvjezdane Staze
Accordion Hub @AiR Mijakovici Bosna i Hercegovina

This program has been created for accordion students and upcoming professionals who are seeking for perfect tools to shape their unique artistic identity; to gain more visibility in the scene and to focus on their career “up to date and outside the bubble”.  

The program is organized in two Labs, Repertoire Lab and Career Lab.

The main goal of both labs is to create a open spaces and platform for direct exchange, to hear the voice of participants and to initiate feedback and brainstorming rounds. 

Repertoire Lab [PRESENT] is exploring self-chosen repertoire pieces of participants, their way of playing and performing practice. In impro-session we will focus also on contemporary extended techniques (drone-tones, using of voice and reedbox). Chosen pieces will be a part of a closing concert. Keywords: #conceptofconcert, #myrepertoire, #myaudience, #mysound, #howtoprogramaconcert

Career Lab [FUTURE] is focusing on important steps after the studies. The main goal is to provide tools for following topics: Concerts, CDs, Labelsearch, Festivals, Press, Social Media.

WHEN/WHERE: 30.07-02.08/Mijakovici, Bobovac 

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: max.5 (chosen participants will get chance to take part in a closing concert of VaClaF Festival on 15th of October in Vienna (Bank Austria Salon Altes Rathaus).